Branch 55 (Marine Branch)

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Branch 55 (Marine Branch)

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Name of Branch: Branch 55

Vice Admiral: "The Mirror" Fane


Vice Admiral- "The Mirror" Fane
Rear Admiral- Gyoza (former)
Commodore- Wranchen
Captain- Jerrelo
Commander- Crotalo (former)
Lieutenant Commander- Horn Head (former)
Lieutenant- Daisy
Lieutenant- Traft (former)
Lieutenant Junior Grade- Anna Alva
Ensign- Burou (former)
Warrant Officer- Pensez (former)
Warrant Officer- Ponda (former)
Warrant Officer- Domanda (former)
Master Chief Petty Officer- After Ten (former)
Chief Petty Officer- Saku
Petty Officer- Garry
Petty Officer- Harry
Petty Officer- Sharry
Seamen First Class
Seamen Apprentices
Seamen Recruits
Chore Boy- Ben
Chore Boy- Joe

History: Launched an all out attack on the Straw Hat Pirates. They lost with heavy casualties. Their current status and location is unknown. Some members of the branch joined the Straw Hat Pirates because Fane was about to blow up the Warship with Marine soldiers on it because Luffy was also on it.

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