Chess Pirates (Disbanded)

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Chess Pirates (Disbanded)

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Name of Crew: Chess Pirates

Captain: "Galaxy King" Board Artie

Jolly Roger: Skull that is Half White and Half Black with a Crown that is Golden and has Jewels, and Lances as Cross-Bones

Main Ship: Treasure Chess

Affiliation: Pirates


Captain- "Galaxy King" Board Artie (42,000,000 Berries)
Fighter- "Planet Queen" Sofia (36,000,000 Berries)
Navigator/Fighter- "Solar Bishop" Fabian (11,000,000 Berries)
Doctor/Swordswoman- "Lunar Bishop" Lucy Check (26,000,000 Berries)
Cook/Sniper- "Day Knight" Sophie (11,000,000 Berries)
Sniper- "Night Knight" Adrian (32,000,000 Berries)
Shipwright/Sniper- "Sun Rook" Billy (16,000,000 Berries)
Sniper- "Moon Rook" Daffodil (14,000,000 Berries)
Cabin Boy/Fighter- "Star Pawn" Mate Camus (7,000,000 Berries)

Total Bounty: 195,000,000 Berries

Goals of the Crew: N/A

History: The Chess Pirates originated from the North Blue. They were pirates who raided towns, but never hurt anyone. Although they originated from the North Blue, most of the crew came from the East Blue. At first, they weren't known at all, but then rose to fame when they accidentally blew up a Marine Battleship. They were testing a large cannonball that splits into ten different cannonballs when it misfired and blew up a Marine Battleship with two Vice Admirals on board. The government thought that this was on purpose and placed bounties on each of the main crew members. Later on they challenged the Nightmare Pirates and lost. Captain Artie asked the captain of the Nightmare Pirates, Night, to kill him, but Night refused to. Artie and his crew were touched by the kindness and swore loyalty to the Nightmare Pirates. When Night lost to Monkey D. Luffy, Night and his crew, including the former Chess Pirates, swore loyalty to the Straw Hat Pirates.

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