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Straw Hat Pirates

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Name of Crew: Straw Hat Pirates

Captain: "Straw Hat" Monkey D. Luffy

Jolly Roger: Skull and Cross-Bones with a Straw Hat

Main Ship: Thousand Sunny; Going Merry (former)

Affiliation: Pirates

Main Crew:

Captain- "Straw Hat" Monkey D. Luffy (400,000,000 Berries)
Swordsman- "Pirate Hunter" Roronoa Zoro (120,000,000 Berries)
Navigator- "Cat Burglar" Nami (16,000,000 Berries)
Sniper- "Sniper King" Usopp (30,000,000 Berries)
Cook- "Black Leg" Sanji (77,000,000 Berries)
Doctor- "Cotton Candy Lover" Tony Tony Chopper (50 Berries)
Archaeologist- "Devil Child" Nico Robin (80,000,000 Berries)
Shipwright- "Cyborg" Franky (44,000,000 Berries)
Musician- "Humming" Brooks (33,000,000 Berries)
Swordsman/Strategist/Fighter- "Red Pirate Actor" Lamont Aster (Night) (376,000,000 Berries)
Swordsman- "Bladed Fist" Cory (Kunai) (242,000,000 Berries)
Navigator/Swordswoman- "The Pirate Maiden" Akita Niki (76,000,000 Berries)
Shipwright/Swordsman- "Toolbox" Akera Phil (68,000,000 Berries)
Fighter- "Titan Fighter" Akera Genji
Fighter- "Azure Emperor" Dante
Fighter- "Vermillion King" Lok
Fighter- "White Queen" Sophie
Fighter- "Black Empress" Zhalia
Cook (Head Chef)/Swordsman- "Flaming Dragon" Takei Marcus (72,000,000 Berries)
Fighter- "The Anti-Marine" Lily (216,000,000 Berries)
Swordsman- "The Gentleman" Zheng Samuel (34,000,000 Berries)
Swordsman- "Pirate Prince" Wang Jing (65,000,000 Berries)
Swordsman- "Pirate Colonel" Norstein Thomas (74,000,000 Berries)
Fighter- "Tyrantosaurus" Rekkusu Dino (54,000,000 Berries)
Thief/Fighter- "Treasure Chest" Snatcher (6,000,000 Berries)
Thief/Fighter- "Gold Mine" Taka (3,000,000 Berries)
Assistant Navigator/Fighter- "Storm Bird" Tia (97,000,000 Berries)
Undersea Navigator/Fighter- "Fishman Devil" Dropper (64,000,000 Berries)
Salvager/Undersea Navigator/Swordswoman- "Mermaid Beauty" Merly (26,000,000 Berries)
Salvager/Swordsman- "Arm Blade" Jumper (36,000,000 Berries)
Cook (Sous Chef)/Fighter- "Robot Cook" Feru J. Suka (19,000,000 Berries)
Cook (Sauté Chef)/Swordswoman- "Cook of the Devil" Sosu (7,000,000 Berries)
Cook (Fish Chef)/Sniper- "Sniper Cook" Unagi (5,000,000 Berries)
Cook (Roast Chef)/Fighter- "Flame Gloves" Soseji (19,000,000 Berries)
Cook (Fry Chef)/Swordsman- "Red Cap" Furisu (9,000,000 Berries)
Cook (Vegetable Chef)/Swordswoman- "Marine Hater" Nira (16,000,000 Berries)
Cook (Swing Cook)/Sniper- "The Hawk" Otrin (24,000,000 Berries)
Cook (Pantry Chef)/Fighter- "Hunger Maker" Zensai (83,000,000 Berries)
Cook (Pastry Chef)/Assistant Helmsman/Fighter- "The Flattener" Pan (16,000,000 Berries)
Assistant Cook/Cabin Boy/Fighter- "The Firefly" Greens Ajo (4,000,000 Berries)
Assistant Cook/Cabin Girl/Fighter- "The Canary" Aviary Jida (4,000,000 Berries)
Butcher/Swordsman- "Multi-Threat" Triple (73,000,000 Berries)
Bartender/Fighter- "Old Drinker" Osinko Flier (44,000,000 Berries)
Baker/Fighter- "Bagel Girl" Cream (32,000,000 Berries)
Helmsman/Swordsman- "Green Eyed" Hashido Basin (23,000,000 Berries)
Rigger/Fighter- "Flying Fish" Honoo Tom (13,000,000 Berries)
Look-Out/Swordsman- "The Lion" Giado (74,000,000 Berries)
Look-Out/Sniper- "Air Empress" Kaida (59,000,000 Berries)
Sniper- "Queen of Snipers" Kaylin (32,000,000 Berries)
Fighter- "Crocagator" Allen (54,000,000 Berries)
Doctor/Swordsman- "Dr. Talons" Kajo (26,000,000 Berries)
Doctor/Fighter- "The Ostrich" Oria (66,000,000 Berries)
Nurse/Swordswoman- "Pirate Nurse" Julia (6,000,000 Berries)
Pharmacist/Fighter- "Yaki of Medicine" Yaki (2,000,000 Berries)
Chronicler/Fighter- "Lightning Thunder" Yonde Sanshain (87,000,000 Berries)
Assistant Chronicler/Swordsman- "Piza Pizza of the Lightning" Piza Pizza (71,000,000 Berries)
Cannoneer/Swordswoman- "Fire Bomb" Mesa (15,000,000 Berries)
Inventor/Fighter- "Einstein" Filius (33,000,000 Berries)
Scholar- "Lord of Ruins" Otani Geji (8,000,000 Berries)
Martial Artist- "The Illusionist" Vision (91,000,000 Berries)
Combat Trainer/Fighter- "Karate King" Orange Jell (48,000,000 Berries)
Gardener/Fighter- "Diamond Ring" Pillows (7,000,000 Berries)
Gardener/Fighter- "Boulder Fist" Woshi Tee (2,000,000 Berries)
Ship Defender/Fighter- "The Giant" Nyson (58,000,000 Berries)
Tailor/Fighter- "Silk Slayer" Taylor (62,000,000 Berries)
Quartermaster/Swordsman- "The Quarter" Jojo (3,000,000 Berries)
Spy/Assasin/Fighter- "Wild Cactus" Dakota (24,000,000 Berries)
Fighter- "Galaxy King" Board Arthur (42,000,000 Berries)
Fighter- "Planet Queen" Sofia (36,000,000 Berries)
Navigator/Fighter- "Solar Bishop" Fabian (11,000,000 Berries)
Doctor/Swordswoman- "Lunar Bishop" Lucy (26,000,000 Berries)
Cook/Sniper- "Day Knight" Ayli (11,000,000 Berries)
Sniper- "Night Knight" Adrian (32,000,000 Berries)
Shipwright/Sniper- "Sun Rook" Billy (16,000,000 Berries)
Sniper- "Moon Rook" Daffodil (14,000,000 Berries)
Cabin Boy/Fighter/Swordsman- "Star Pawn" Mate Camus (7,000,000 Berries)
Cabin Girl/Fighter- "Lipstick Lover" Jill (4,000,000 Berries)
Cabin Boy/Swordsman- "Noble's Child" Randall (29,000,000 Berries)
Swordsman- "Silent Swordsman" Breeze (52,000,000 Berries)
Staff Officer of Planning- Dr. Riddle (26,000,000 Berries)
Swordsman- Clock King (23,800,054 Berries)
Cabin Boy- "Tick" Timothy (12,043,000 Berries)
Cabin Girl- "Tock" Thalia )11,840,000 Berries)
Thief/Swordsman/- "Origami" Kasahara Krane (154,000,000 Berries)
Head of Weaponry- "The Barracuda Barricade" Bairs (107,000,000 Berries)
Swordsman/Former Rear Admiral- Gyoza (102,000,000 Berries)
Swordsman/Former Commander- Crotalo (76,000,000 Berries)
Fighter/Former Lieutenant Commander- Horn Head (53,000,000 Berries)
Fighter/Former Lieutenant- Traft (25,000,000 Berries)
Swordsman/Former Ensign- Burou (15,000,000 Berries)
Fighter/Former Warrant Officer- Pensez (5,000,000 Berries)
Fighter/Former Warrant Officer- Ponda (5,000,000 Berries)
Fighter/Former Warrant Officer- Domanda (5,000,000 Berries)
Fighter/Former Master Chief Petty Officer- After Ten (3,000,000 Berries)
Spiders Cafe Owner/Assassin/Fighter- Miss Doublefinger (Paula) (62,000,000 Berries)
Spiders Cafe Employee/Assassin/Hypnotist- Miss Goldenweek (46,400,000 Berries)
Spiders Cafe Employee/Assassin/Fighter- Mr. 4 (47,850,000 Berries)
Spiders Cafe Employee/Assassin/Fighter- Miss Merry Christmas (45,032,000 Berries)
Spiders Cafe Employee/Assassin/Fighter- Mr. 5 (35,000,000 Berries)
Spiders Cafe Employee/Assassin/Fighter- Miss Valentine (34,000,000 Berries)
Assassin/Sniper- Mr. 7 (8,000,000 Berries)
Assassin/Sniper- Miss Father's Day (8,000,000 Berries)
Assassin/Fighter- Miss Monday (20,000,000 Berries)
Assassin/Fighter- Mr. 9 (7,000,000 Berries)
Assassin/Fighter/Cabin Boy- Mr. Beans (3,000,000 Berries)
Assassin/Fighter- Miss Catharine (3,000,000 Berries)
Fighter/Cabin Girl- Lil (5,000,000 Berries)
Supporter/Fighter- Papa (1,000,000 Berries)
Eavesdropper/Cabin Girl- Daisy (34,000,000 Berries)
Cabin Girl- Rosa (4,076,000 Berries)
Cabin Boy- Rick (3,640,000 Berries)
Cabin Girl- Amanda (4,800,000 Berries)
Head of Parties- Bonney (5,000,000 Berries)
Head of Banquets- Maccus (5,000,000 Berries)
Cabin Girl- Milia (3,000,000 Berries)
Cabin Boy- Holy (1,400,000 Berries)
Treasurer- Zenny (6,000,630 Berries)
Fighter- Divine Warrior (8,050,000 Berries)
Head Animal Feeder/Caretaker- Gaimon (1,200,000 Berries)
Assistant Animal Feeder/Caretaker- Sarfunkel (1,000,000 Berries)
Doctors- The 20 Medical Doctors (5,000,000 Berries)
Escape Tactician- Brief (4,305,000 Berries)
Guards- Former Impel Down Guards (40 Guards) (40,000,000 Berries)
Ship Defender- Siam (4,000,000 Berries)
Ship Defender- Buchi (4,000,000 Berries)
Sniper- "The Traitor" Minchey (5,000,000 Berries)


Otter Assassin- Mr. 13 (5,000,000 Berries)
Vulture Assassin- Miss Friday (5,000,000 Berries)
Spiders Cafe Mascot/Gun Dog- Lassoo (5,000,000 Berries)
Island Whale- Laboon (100,000 Berries)
Sabertooth Tiger (900 Berries)
Hiking Bear (100 Berries)
Lapins (20 Lapins) (10,000 Berries)
White Walkie- Robson (100 Berries)
Banana Gator (5,000 Berries)
F-Wani (2,000 Berries)
Kung Fu Dugongs (30 Kung Fu Dugongs) (3,000 Berries)
Camel- Eyelashes (50 Berries)
Giant Python- Nola (30,000,000 Berries)
Cloud Wolves (20 Cloud Wolves) (2,000 Berries)
South Bird (10 Berries)
Moving Crab- Scissors (100 Berries)
Lizard Runners (10 Lizard Runners) (1,000 Berries)
White Dog- Chouchou (10 Berries)
Giant Lizard (100 Berries)
Animal Hybrids from Treasure Island (100 Animal Hybrids from Treasure Island) (10,000 Berries)
King Bull- Sodom (10,000 Berries)
King Bull- Gomorrah (10,000 Berries)
Yagara Bulls (20 Yagara Bulls) (1,000 Berries)
Sea Raccoon- Nukky (50 Berries)
Monster Mantis (5,000 Berries)
Giant Electricity Producing Bird- Billy (15,000,000 Berries)
Giragon (10,000 Berries)
Mammoth Dense (5,000 Berries)
Meteor Ibexes (10 Meteor Ibexes) (10,000 Berries)
Red Fangs (6 Red Fangs) (6,000 Berries)
Zarley Davidson (70 Berries)
Batta GT-7000 (70 Berries)
Wolf- Soro (50 Berries)
Sanjocho (Three Length Bird)- Fuza (1,000 Berries)
Large Dog- Holy (1,000 Berries)
Goats (50 Goats) (500 Berries)

Total Bounty:

Goals of the Crew: To go on adventures.

History: N/A

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