Lamont Aster (Night)

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Lamont Aster (Night)

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Known As: Night

Real Name: Lamont Aster

Epithet/Nickname: "Night" (friends, crewmates, and himself); "Mr. Cinco de Mayo" (Baroque Works); "Shadow" (from when he was a Warlord); "Red Pirate Actor" (Marines)

Age: 19

Birthday: January 15th

Bounty: 376,000,000 Berries

Species: Human

Occupation: Pirate; Swordsman; Strategist; Recruiter; Captain (former); Baroque Works Billions Agent (former); Warlord (former)

Affiliations: Straw Hat Pirates; Nightmare Pirates (former); Baroque Works (former); Seven Warlords of the Sea (former); Apple Pirates (former)

Home Village/Ocean: Presumably East Blue


Night is a tall, young man with a unique hairstyle that covers half of his face. He has black and red hair. He wears a sleeveless black coat reaching down to his knees, black pants, and black shoes. He carries a huge sword on his black which has a black handle. He has a variety of clothes.


When Night was 8 years old he decided he wanted to be a pirate. He created the Apple Pirates with some of his friends and became the captain. Soon after, he found the Master Master Fruit, Model: Paramecia and ate it. He had eaten one of the three forbidden Devil Fruits that appeared once every millenium. The three Devil Fruits are said to choose their user. He gained all the powers of the Paramecia type Devil Fruits.

He raised a Jolly Roger so the Marines were after him, but only a few. Night always got away. One day, he saw a thirty Marine Warships. Thinking they were after him, he used the Boom Boom Fruit power from his Master Master Fruit, Model: Paramecia and destroyed twenty of them. One of them got away and reported in to Marine HQ. The officials a Marine HQ gave him a 146,000,000 Berry bounty since no one had destroyed twenty Marine Warships and now a kid had done so easily. He disbanded the Apple Pirates so that Marines wouldn't be after his friends.

Bounty hunters and Marines were always after him so one day he got so made that he eliminated Branch 13. Then he earned the 376,000,000 berry bounty. He traveled around the Grand Line and found an underground cavern with numerous Devil Fruits. There were over three thousand Devil Fruits. Night placed all of this on a ship he had bought from a man using the money he had gotten by selling a Devil Fruit. He thought about eating another Devil Fruit thinking it was a Zoan type. Turns out that it was a Zoan type, but a special one. It was the Master Master Fruit, Model: Zoan. Now he had the powers of the Zoan Devil Fruits.

After a few days, a Warlord died of old age and the Marines asked Night to be a Warlord, and he accepted. Night used the name Shadow as the Warlord. After two years of being Warlord, Night disappeared.

Night became a Baroque Works Billions Agent under the name Mr. Cinco de Mayo. He concealed his Devil Fruit powers and strength so he wouldn’t be noticed. He left Baroque Works a year later.

Night created the Nightmare Pirates and easily gained over a thousand crew members. He gave all of his crew members, that wanted one, Devil Fruits. One day he ran into Monkey D. Luffy and they fought. The fight lasted three days and finally there was an outcome. Luffy defeated Night. Night's crew was shocked. Night offered to join the Straw Hats along with his crew and Luffy accepted. In the Shadorian Ruins in Upper Yard, Night found the last forbidden Devil Fruit, the Master Master Fruit, Model: Logia. He had now had all the Devil Fruit powers, but still couldn't defeat Luffy. He went on adventures with Luffy and recruited people for the Straw Hat Pirates.


Night is casual and fun-loving. He is calm most of the time. He is a very nice man and treats his comrades as his equals. He allowed his crew to call him by Night instead of Captain Night when he was the captain of the Nightmare Pirates. He never ordered his crewmates around.

Main Ship: Thousand Sunny; Going Merry (former); The Sapphire Eclipse (former)

Other Ship(s): The Sapphire Eclipse; The Emerald Eclipse; The Ruby Eclipse

Jolly Roger: Skull and Cross-Bones with a Straw Hat (Straw Hat Pirates); Skull and Cross-Bones with Purple Smoke Surrounding the Base of the Skull (Nightmare Pirates) (former); Skull with Wings and Swords as Cross-bones (Baroque Works) (former); Apple as a Skull and Sticks as Cross-Bones (Apple Pirates) (former)

Devil Fruit: Master Master Fruit, Model: Paramecia; Master Master Fruit, Model: Zoan; Master Master Fruit, Model: Logia
Type: Paramecia, Zoan, and Logia

Learned Techniques:

• Three Way Slash
• Blossom Sword Twister
• Curved Star Throw
• Sword Hurricane


• Wind Blade
• Wind Dagger Pendant

Goal(s): Help Luffy become Pirate King.

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