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Akera Phil

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Real Name: Akera Phil

Epithet/Nickname: "Toolbox" (Marines)

Age: 18

Birthday: May 21st

Bounty: 68,000,000 Berries

Species: Human

Captain: Monkey D. Luffy; Lamont Aster (Night) (former)

Occupation: Pirate; Shipwright; Swordsman

Affiliation: Straw Hat Pirates; Nightmare Pirates (former)

Home Village/Ocean: Juniper Island, East Blue


Phil has green hair. He wears a blue T-shirt along with brown shorts and white boots. His blue T-shirt has the his own personal Jolly Roger on it. His shorts contain blue on the bottom and has a Jolly Roger on each pocket. His white boots have black heels with a Jolly Roger on the bottom. Phil has a scarf tied around his arm and a necklace with a Jolly Roger as the pendant. He also has a shipwright’s belt with a place to hold his sword. The tool belt is brown with black spots on it.


Not much is known about Phil. When he was a kid, his mother and father left to be pirates. He had to live alone. Phil spent his childhood being an outcast from others. One day, news of his parents arrived at the village. Phil’s parents had been killed by Marines. Phil became very sad and was so depressed that he didn’t eat. He swore that he would one day honor his parents by being a pirate.

When he was 16 yrs old, he met Night. Night came to the village looking for people who would join his crew. Phil immediately asked if he could join as a shipwright and a swordsman. Night said yes. Night gave Phil a Devil Fruit which turned out was the Birudo Birudo no mi or the Build Build Fruit. He built the Nightmare Pirates’ main ship, The Sapphire Eclipse.

One day, a man asked Phil a question. The question was "Do you miss your parents?" Hearing a question about his parents made break into tears. Phil really missed his parents and told the man that. The man revealed himself to be a former Marine. Former Sergeant Genji told Phil that his parents were imprisoned and that they could die in a couple days or weeks. Finding this out Phil was both sad and relieved. He was glad his parents were still alive, but sad that they could die any second.

Phil asked Genji why he told him this. Genji said that he was actually Phil's older brother and tried to free his parents. Phil was shocked to hear this. He had never known that he had an older brother. Genji risked his rank in the Marines to help out his and Phil's parents. He asked Genji were his parents were held and he told him at a prison on a deserted island to torture them for fun. Genji joined the Nightmare Pirates after that to guide their way which made Phil happy. When they arrived at the island, they were to late. Their parents had died from being poisoned. They found remains of food that they had been secretly eating. Phil found out that the Marines had poisoned the food when they came to the island to check if his parents had died yet and found a hole in which they could reach fruit.

Phil was so depressed. His heart was broken once again. Phil was reliving the sadness he felt when they told him his parents had died in a battle. He left the Nightmare Pirates for a couple months to think through what has happened. After those few months, Akera went back to being the shipwright of the Nightmare Pirates.

Phil, along with the rest of the crew joined the Straw Hat Pirates under Monkey D. Luffy. They went on adventures and participated in the Battle of Marineford.


Phil is usually in a happy mood. He hates it when people criticize his work. Once he gets mad it is hard to make him calm again. Phil gets depressed when his parents are mentioned. When people sneak up behind him, he would use his hammer and slam it on that person's head. Phil hates to be interrupted when he is working. When you ask him to build something, he is always happy to do so.

Main Ship: Thousand Sunny; Going Merry (former); The Sapphire Eclipse (former)

Other Ship(s): The Sapphire Eclipse; The Emerald Eclipse; The Ruby Eclipse

Jolly Roger: Skull and Cross-Bones with a Straw Hat (Straw Hat Pirates); Skull and Cross-Bones with Purple Smoke Surrounding the Base of the Skull (Nightmare Pirates) (former)

Devil Fruit: Birudo Birudo no mi (Build Build Fruit)
Type: Paramecia
Effect: The Build Build Fruit gives a person the ability to conjure building supplies such a wood or iron and use it to build something. It gives the user more building skill.

Special Abilities:

•Rapiddobirudo (Rapid Build)

Learned Techniques: N/A

Weapons/Items: Katana; Carpenter’s Hammer; Tool Belt


•To become the greatest carpenter.

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