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Akita Niki

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Real Name: Akita Niki

Epithet/Nickname: "The Pirate Maiden" (Marines)

Age: 17

Birthday: April 23rd

Bounty: 76,000,000 Berries

Species: Human

Occupation: Pirate; Navigator; Swordswoman

Affiliation: Straw Hat Pirates; Nightmare Pirates (former)

Home Village/Ocean: Mapis Village, East Blue


Niki wears her hair back in a ponytail. Her hair is black colored. She wears a bandanna over her head with her personal jolly roger on it. Niki wears a shirt that says "I ♥ Adventures." She wears a pink skirt and pick shoes.


When Niki was a girl, she always wanted to be a Marine. All of her ancestors on her father's side were Marines and she wanted to be like them. Her mother always told her that Marine work is dangerous, but Niki didn't care. Her father told her to do whatever she wanted to and be whatever she wanted to. Niki's mother was mad at her father for saying that she was allowed to do whatever she wanted to. Niki's mother left with Niki and went to live by themselves. From then on, Niki always asked her mother if she could go see her father. One day, the Kiapo Pirates attacked the village and burned all the houses down and took all the valuables. Niki's mother tried to escape with Niki to the mountain, but they were stopped by a pirate. The pirate captured Niki and told Kiapo to have her be their chore girl.

Niki was depressed for she had now been imprisoned to be a chore girl. The whole crew of the Kaipo Pirates teased her and always bullied her. They would give her food only once a week. After a year, Niki was tired of it all. Anger and frustration built up inside of her. She pushed the look-out into the water when no one was looking and took his sword. She walked straight into the captain's room fought the captain. Kiapo a strong pirate from the South Blue. All feared his name in the South Blue.

When Niki challenged him, the first thing he did was laugh. Niki charged at Kiapo, but Kiapo knocked her sword on the ground. She kept charging, but Kiapo eluded all her attacks. After an hour of fighting, Niki was bleeding heavily and she was tired. Niki grabbed a sword that was looted from another pirate ship and charged. She took a risk when she charged at Kaipo screaming "Senpūki o gyaku ni." She used her sword and sent wind slashes towards Kaipo and he was slashed all over. When the first mate stepped into the room and saw Kaipo dead, he was astonished. He charged at Niki, but was killed. She kicked the dead body of Kaipo and the first mate out of the door and onto the deck. The whole crew was astonished to see their captain and first mate dead. Suddenly someone shouted "Attack!" and they all charged at Niki. All of them died except the look-out who was pushed into the water by Niki. By the time he got back onto the ship Niki had left. He swore and swore and said that he would kill her until he saw everyone dead. On the floor, carved with a sword, was a letter to the look-out that said "Dear Look-Out, you are the only one alive. Do yourself a favor and collect their bounties. Sincerely, Niki." And that is what the look-out did.

When Niki got back to her village, she found out that her mother had died from tree fever. Niki's neighbor told Niki that her mother's last words were "Your ancestors on my side were pirates." Niki was shocked. She didn't know what to think or do, so she went to look for her father.

Her father had been promoted to Commodore and was now in Branch 43. She was so happy to see her father, and her father was happy to see Niki. Niki told her father what had happened, excluding the part that her mother's last words were "Your ancestors on my side were pirates." A couple months later, Niki stowed aboard the Marine Warship her father was on. She didn't know that they were headed to the Grand Line. When they arrived, they ran into the a pirate crew. The Marines engaged combat with the pirates, and won. Niki saw her father kill the chore boy, even though the chore boy said he was captured. Her father said that if you get captured then you should just kill yourself.

Niki charged at her father, and her father said that it was called justice. He asked her if she wanted to be a marine. Niki said yes, but then asked what a marine is does. Her father told her that a marine kills anyone who is a pirate no matter what. Niki didn't like what she heard. She was frustrated. She ran away and then found out that her father had placed a bounty on her.

She ran into her father a few days later and went over to him. Her father took out his sword and charged at Niki. She was stabbed in the shoulder. Niki was shocked and asked her father why he did that. He said that it was justice. Then, Night arrived. He quickly defeated her father and then asked Niki if she wanted to be a pirates. Niki said that pirates were ruthless and raided villages. Night then said that he meant a Peace Maine pirate. Niki replied "No," but then asked what a Peace Maine pirate was. Night told her a Peace Maine pirate goes one adventures and doesn't care about treasyre. Niki then realized that she loved adventures. She replied "Yes." Her father charged at her, but she tossed him into the ocean. She then left with Night.

A few months later she found out that the reason her mom died was because she was poisoned by Marines for being a former pirate. She now hated the Marines.


Niki acts all cute and sweet around strangers to fool them, but inside she is mean. If someone doesn't give her something she wants she will take by force. She only cares for herself and no one else. When she sees an cute boy she will act all sweet.

Main Ship: Thousand Sunny; Going Merry (former); The Sapphire Eclipse (former)

Other Ship(s): The Sapphire Eclipse; The Emerald Eclipse; The Ruby Eclipse

Jolly Roger: Skull and Cross-Bones with a Straw Hat (Straw Hat Pirates); Skull and Cross-Bones with Purple Smoke Surrounding the Base of the Skull (Nightmare Pirates) (former)

Devil Fruit: N/A
Type: N/A
Effect: N/A

Special Abilities:

•Senpūki o gyaku ni (Reverse Fan)

Learned Techniques:

•Kaze choppu (Wind Chop)
•Kaze suraisu (Wind Slice)
•Kaze sutoraiku (Wind Strike)
•Kaze no dai rantō (Wind Melee)
•Kaze no ken sutōmu (Wind Sword Storm)

Weapons/Items: Katana

Goals: To visit every island in the Grand Line.

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